Esport Tournaments

E sport is growing rapidly and we know have a few very large tournaments every year.
Biggest prize pool so far has been a record breaking $34,330,069 in the Dota tournament The International 2019. We will from todays date start to report from some of these tournaments.

New US Tournament

World Electronic Sports Games 2019 USA Online Sports – a Dota2 tournament in which 6 players / teams competed in took place on 2019-11-02. World Electronic Sports Games 2019 USA Tournament was played online. Dota2 7.22h was played during the tournament. The amazing $ 10,500USD prize pool was shared between the teams. Players in the World Electronic Sports Games have a chance to qualify for the World Electronic Sports Games. More rewards await the winners of the 6 players who qualify for the next stage. The esports tournament is held in the USA. This event was the Minor esports tournament. The tournament was organized by World Gaming. The latest Esport teams and tournament coverage.


Other Games and Odds

Something else that has been growing is the betting on esport.
We’ve been in contact with a few betting operators talking about a partnership.
Everything went well and we will now also be able to provide you odds for each game in the bigger leagues. There are a few new US casino sites offering sportsbetting on these sports.