Famous gamers are using streaming for their career. Know how the streaming sector of gaming is doing and how you can join this joyride.


Esport Tournaments

E sport is growing rapidly and we know have a few very large tournaments every year.
Biggest prize pool so far has been a record breaking $34,330,069 in the Dota tournament The International 2019. We will from todays date start to report from some of these tournaments.

New US Tournament

World Electronic Sports Games 2019 USA Online Sports – a Dota2 tournament in which 6 players / teams competed in took place on 2019-11-02. World Electronic Sports Games 2019 USA Tournament was played online. Dota2 7.22h was played during the tournament. The amazing $ 10,500USD prize pool was shared between the teams. Players in the World Electronic Sports Games have a chance to qualify for the World Electronic Sports Games. More rewards await the winners of the 6 players who qualify for the next stage. The esports tournament is held in the USA. This event was the Minor esports tournament. The tournament was organized by World Gaming. The latest Esport teams and tournament coverage.


Other Games and Odds

Something else that has been growing is the betting on esport.
We’ve been in contact with a few betting operators talking about a partnership.
Everything went well and we will now also be able to provide you odds for each game in the bigger leagues. There are a few new US casino sites offering sportsbetting on these sports.

A Look at the Competitive Gaming Industry and Why It’s Booming

Competitive gaming is held all over the world. Now, the gaming industry is booming and this is all thanks to eSports. So, what exactly is eSports?

What is eSports?

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eSports is a world of organized and competitive gaming. Different teams and leagues take part in competitions in the same games which are usually popular with gamers all around the world.

These include Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Overwatch among others.

These competitors are watched by millions of fans around the world. They watch it online and some are even willing to attend live events.

There is also the streaming sector where at-home gamers play popular games while interacting with viewers live.

Who watches eSports?

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There are many people who watch eSports. It’s not just gamers or developers. Some are also 6-year-old kids and some are adults. eSports is entertaining to watch. It’s no surprise that different people from varying demographics would want to watch it.

But what’s important to note here is that according to a report, approximately 380 million people worldwide watch eSports. They also say that more than half of them aren’t exactly frequent viewers or gaming enthusiasts.

People who watch eSports mostly come from China, South Korea, and North America.
You can now also bet on eSports which makes it more interested for the older generation which then been very interested in following the sport. There are plenty of sites who previously only had experts on online casino who has now also started to offer bettings tips on eSports.

Who plays eSports?

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Just like the number of people who watch eSports, there are also many people playing eSports. As far as sports are concerned, players are those who aren’t exactly athletic but are experts in the field of gaming.

Although not all of them are considered the best of the best, their team is what matters. The same with traditional sports, the team works as one.

However, people such as Shroud Ninja, Esports Adviser are on a different level. These people have been to many games before and you can say that they are “hardcore gamers”.

Gamers who play eSports are usually those popular in streaming. However, don’t forget that there are people out there that are not streaming who still play as good as these popular streamers.

Why is eSports booming?

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So why is eSports booming, you say? Believe it or not, there’s a lucrative market not only for the players but also for the brand and developers.

In fact, eSports revenue has reached $900 million worldwide. Of course, players are making big money from it. Tournaments are one way to boost this revenue. Not only players but the eSports sector is earning from ticket sales. It´s starting to beat the earnings that people could get from a casino jackpot.

eSports will continue to grow in an unstoppable momentum. What’s more, there are many technologies out there that are making it even trendier, such as virtual reality and interactive gaming.

Is It Possible to Make a Career out of Gaming?

Over the past years, the gaming industry has evolved from being a mere entertainment for players to something more like the sports industry. Fans gather round to watch gamers play and the most important part is, they pay to be entertained.

There are many gamers who are already making a living from gaming, especially streamers in Twitch — one of the most well-known platforms for streaming games. Considering that there are many ways to gain revenue, you can make a profit from this channel if you’re willing to.

However, the question is, will it bring you enough cash flow to replace a full-time job? What should you do to make this possible and will it be possible?

Why Are Streamers Streaming on a Streaming Channel?

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There are more than a million streamers nationwide, but why are they doing it?

For some, it’s because they can make a living out of it when they cannot get a decent job in the real world. Others just want to interact with people live.

That said, Ray Narvaez, a Twitch streamer called BrownMan left his full-time job for streaming. It’s not that he cannot perform well in his job. He stated that it is just great to interact with viewers worldwide.

It’s Not Always Successful

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However, don’t expect streaming to be that easy. There are many times that you won’t be getting profit as the money fluctuates daily. Sure, there’s no limit to the profit of streaming, but you’re not guaranteed to receive the same money always.

How Do You Make Money with Gaming?

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There are many ways for streamers to earn money, one is subscriptions. Although it is free to watch these players, you can still pay a five-dollar fee to subscribe. But why?

This is because you will have access to extra perks. However, it isn’t that easy either. Twitch will only pay you for the content you provide if you reach a certain number of average monthly views and also followers.

Although there are many more ways, the key to a profitable career in gaming is making use of all ways to get revenue.

Keep in Mind

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Streaming won’t provide you with a ton of money just by playing video games all day. You should be an entertainer and not just a gamer. People pay for your personality, not the game. In fact, some streamers are not playing that often but still have a large following.

Speaking of following, you should build up a small fanbase and a source of income first before streaming. If you have hundreds of people who know you, the following of your channel will skyrocket.

You should also let people know that you’re not there for the money because people can catch onto that very quickly. Once they do, say goodbye to your gaming career.

Nothing beats playing while making a living. Yes, it’s not easy to accomplish, but the end result is all worth it. Interacting with your viewers can be satisfying. Just make sure you don’t make it all about yourself. It’s your viewers who pay for your expenses, after all.

What Lies Ahead on the Path of Virtual Reality Gaming?

Virtual reality is evolving fast, and they are getting involved in many sectors of different industries. Be it the automotive industry or healthcare industry, VR is making things easier.

Of course, that applies to the gaming industry as well. So, what should you expect from virtual reality gaming? Will it revolutionize the gaming industry?

These questions will remain unless answered, so here are the predictions for virtual reality gaming in the upcoming future.

Educational Uses

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When we talk about video games, education is probably not the thought that comes in your mind. However, while you may not realize it yet, there are many games out there that are educational.

Just as how schools have different ways to teach students, so are these games. With virtual reality, educators can now put educational games in the table without making it sound boring.

These new innovations will keep students engaged and interested. The possibilities of coming up with learning material are limitless.

Equipment Adjustments

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As the VR market grows, so are the other markets. There are many pieces of equipment needed for you to enjoy virtual reality gaming to the fullest. One particular equipment is a headset.

As many brands compete to be the best supplier of headsets, they adjust their prices. This war is likely to cause a major decrease in prices.

So, if you’re on a budget but want to use a VR, then no worries. You’ll have a chance eventually.


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The place that many video gamers go to is arcades. However, what will happen if virtual reality goes out?

Simple, VR arcades will be opened. As previously mentioned, headsets can be costly, so what better way to enjoy the VR experience without spending, than going to an arcade.

This is getting more and more common and for the next few years, expect that VR arcades will be even more common.

Everyone wants to hop on to the virtual reality gaming hype. There are many things to expect from this innovation. Businessmen and gamers alike will be benefiting from this tech and let’s just hope it won’t do any harm.