Critiques are pointing out many flaws in the gaming system, disadvantages here and there. Check out what research is saying about gaming.

A Look at the Competitive Gaming Industry and Why It’s Booming

Competitive gaming is held all over the world. Now, the gaming industry is booming and this is all thanks to eSports. So, what exactly is eSports?

What is eSports?

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eSports is a world of organized and competitive gaming. Different teams and leagues take part in competitions in the same games which are usually popular with gamers all around the world.

These include Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Overwatch among others.

These competitors are watched by millions of fans around the world. They watch it online and some are even willing to attend live events.

There is also the streaming sector where at-home gamers play popular games while interacting with viewers live.

Who watches eSports?

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There are many people who watch eSports. It’s not just gamers or developers. Some are also 6-year-old kids and some are adults. eSports is entertaining to watch. It’s no surprise that different people from varying demographics would want to watch it.

But what’s important to note here is that according to a report, approximately 380 million people worldwide watch eSports. They also say that more than half of them aren’t exactly frequent viewers or gaming enthusiasts.

People who watch eSports mostly come from China, South Korea, and North America.
You can now also bet on eSports which makes it more interested for the older generation which then been very interested in following the sport. There are plenty of sites who previously only had experts on online casino who has now also started to offer bettings tips on eSports.

Who plays eSports?

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Just like the number of people who watch eSports, there are also many people playing eSports. As far as sports are concerned, players are those who aren’t exactly athletic but are experts in the field of gaming.

Although not all of them are considered the best of the best, their team is what matters. The same with traditional sports, the team works as one.

However, people such as Shroud Ninja, Esports Adviser are on a different level. These people have been to many games before and you can say that they are “hardcore gamers”.

Gamers who play eSports are usually those popular in streaming. However, don’t forget that there are people out there that are not streaming who still play as good as these popular streamers.

Why is eSports booming?

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So why is eSports booming, you say? Believe it or not, there’s a lucrative market not only for the players but also for the brand and developers.

In fact, eSports revenue has reached $900 million worldwide. Of course, players are making big money from it. Tournaments are one way to boost this revenue. Not only players but the eSports sector is earning from ticket sales. It´s starting to beat the earnings that people could get from a casino jackpot.

eSports will continue to grow in an unstoppable momentum. What’s more, there are many technologies out there that are making it even trendier, such as virtual reality and interactive gaming.

The 6 Benefits of Playing Video Games You Never Considered

As a gamer, surely, you’ve heard of many statements that video games are merely an addicting source of entertainment that does nothing but ruin your vision and behavior. However, contrary to common belief, gaming is actually wealthy of benefits.

Just like how playing games in your backyard help with improving the physical aspect of your body, video games can help your cognitive skills. Now that there are many gaming trends out there, it’s time for you to know those improvements in cognitive skills:

Increases Memory

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Games require both visual and audial memory. You have to know what exactly the terrain looks like, the best places to go, the items and equipment. These things can help improve your memory.

Develops Multitasking

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As previously mentioned, there are many things to consider in games. You have to find out where to go, what items to keep, keep your eyes peeled for enemies, and more. As a gamer, you do these things at the same time.

Improves Coordination

Sure, you are not physically engaged in video games. However, you’re not only starting on the computer. You are performing various actions that improve your coordination such as using the keyboard without looking at it.

Processing Speed

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Your brain is actually getting faster in processing information as you play. In games, split-second decisions are common. After going through this experience million times, a gamer’s brain develops to improve its speed.

Improves Decision-Making

I’ve mentioned it before, it’s required for gamers to make accurate decisions under pressure. So, games are a great way to improve your decision-making skills.

Boosts Learning

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Although this benefit is not exactly for gamers, it is still helpful for children. Schools are incorporating gaming to their education system. That way, children won’t get bored but still, learning.

Gaming is no joke. People who think it’s just a way for teenagers and adults alike to escape reality are utterly wrong. There are many benefits of gaming and the ones listed here are just scratching the surface.

So, don’t feel bad when you play, unless, of course, if you’re actually playing to escape reality. Make sure you improve your physical and mental skills, too.

Gaming: Is it Good or Bad for You?

If you’ve been playing games like I do, you probably heard about a lot of contradicting information. Some say it will rot your brain, ruin your vision, while others claim that it will make you smarter and improve your hand-eye coordination. So, what exactly does gaming do to your brain?

The gaming industry is booming, the stakes are getting higher, and many kids are starting to take interest in games. Put simply, gamers are playing more than ever before.

Does Gaming Make You a Better Athlete?

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So, let’s start with the question you might be asking yourself every time you play. “Since games are more like eSports, will playing make me more athletic?” This depends on the game you play. If you’re playing games such as Fortnite or League of Legends, then it will make you out of shape.

It doesn’t make you any more athletic, although it may improve your coordination and boost your cognitive skills. It is also claimed that you will be sharper through video games. Your decision-making skills will be faster. But is this true?

Testing Gamers Through Cognitive Tests

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Through cognitive tests, a person who doesn’t play video games was outperformed by a significant margin by someone who plays video games.

They say that “Playing video games can lead to fast action and can be chaotic. There are much more distractions in games than in real life”. You make decisions pretty fast and you’re multitasking while playing.

How Do Video Games Affect a Gamer’s Brain?

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Performing many tasks in a short amount of time is actually an exercise for your cognition. It only so happens that video games provide you with this kind of exercises. Because of this, they concluded that video games can improve your cognition.

It is also noted by researchers that, “The ability to improve your cognition is an amazing thing.”

It Depends on the Game You’re Playing

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However, it is important to note that the improvement in your cognition depends on what game you’re playing. Games such as Fortnite, CounterStrike, and Overwatch are games that really maximize the growth of your cognitive functions.

Research says that games such as those have much more fast movements, lots of objects in the screen, and the need to make accurate decisions under time pressure. These are things that serve as the foundation of your cognitive function. But what if games are made solely for improving those cognitive functions?

The Goal of Researchers for Gamers

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That are what researchers are aiming for. Their goal is to use neuroscience along with games to improve your cognitive ability.  However, there are many more goals of researchers. They are also using games so people with psychological disorders to overcome their problems in their brain.

Virtual reality is also being used for the sake of improving both the cognitive and physical ability of individuals. This is like playing games with fast movements, a lot of objects to keep track of, and under pressure accurate decision-making but you need to move in the real world.

Hopefully, this experiment makes it possible for people all around the world to improve their skills while entertaining themselves.

There are many benefits of video games, yes, but there are also harmful effects. This includes impaired vision for gamers. While this is still up to debate, you should only play games in moderation.

What You Need to Know About Interactive Gaming

Interactive gaming is one of the hottest topics in the gaming industry. Before we go to our main topic, let’s first discuss what interactive gaming is.

Introducing Interactive Gaming

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Interactive Gaming is where players are actively and physically (most of the time) engaging in activities involving a video game.

For example, if a game is about tennis, then players need to use a racket (virtually). Then, they will need to play just like an athlete would.

Nowadays, gamers, particularly teenagers and kids, are lacking in fitness and therefore getting out of shape. Getting them to play while physically engaging in activities is a good thing.

Now that you know what interactive gaming is, how will it look like in the future?

The Future of Interactive Gaming

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The brand that started the hype of interactive gaming is Nintendo. Now that interactive gaming is out in the wild, how are other brands going to respond?

It’s only natural that other gaming companies will create even more great experience with interactive gaming. If that happens, as a gamer, it’s time for you to rejoice!

They will be creating new tools and technologies to give you a better experience, all because of competition! Of course, it can be costly, but that’s part of what you should rejoice on, because they will lower their prices for competition, too.

Realism and Interaction

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The future is bright for gamers. With different technologies getting invented, the level of realism is getting frightening. It would come to a point that it’s almost indistinguishable from the real world.

like this would propel the player head-on into a world where the level of realism is frightening, exhilarating and probably indistinguishable from the real world. The interaction between you and the game will also deepen.

This is all part of the evolution of gaming.

This is only scratching the surface of the future of gaming. Interactive gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, there are many technologies out there. Let’s just hope we’ll have money to afford them by then.

Take a Look at the Top Gaming Trends in 2019

Developers and gamers alike are so eager to give their opinions on the trends of the year. They have shared their opinions on how great a year 2018 was for the gaming industry.

That said, it’s already an established fact that the gaming industry is booming. Things such as virtual reality gaming created a hype for gamers.

But now that 2018 has passed and it’s now a new year, what are your expectations? But before you give your answers to that, here’s a look at the gaming trends in 2019.

Mobile Games

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For the last couple of years, mobile usage has been growing and there is no stopping it. It took the whole gaming industry by storm.

As a matter of fact, the revenue of mobile gaming has surpassed McDonald’s revenue and worldwide box office revenue.

As a result, developers are getting more and more eager to create apps. So, expect many games to come out this year.

Old Classics

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The glory days of the old classic games are already gone, but how true is this statement?

To be honest, old classics are getting more and more popular nowadays. This is no surprise considering that many talented developers are stepping up and remastering old games.


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Okay, what does this have to do with gaming?

Well, there is plenty! Blockchain is booming in the gaming industry as a currency for alternative forms of payment.

As you probably already heard, blockchain is secure and safe. That’s why gaming companies are using it as a payment method for in-game purchases.

Augmented Reality

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Although the virtual reality gaming hype will stay longer in the gaming industry, so is the augmented reality gaming.

While VR gaming can be exciting and “new” to everyone, there’s no denying that AR also offers the same excitement and enjoyment for players.

Battle Royale

You should already know about this as a gamer. There have been many games out there in the Battle Royale genre.

Due to the popularity and competitive gaming, it’s a lot more exciting than any other gaming genre.

So, what are your expectations in the gaming industry now? We believe 2019 will be a wonderful year for both gamers and developers, even better than in 2018.