Is It Possible to Make a Career out of Gaming?

Over the past years, the gaming industry has evolved from being a mere entertainment for players to something more like the sports industry. Fans gather round to watch gamers play and the most important part is, they pay to be entertained.

There are many gamers who are already making a living from gaming, especially streamers in Twitch — one of the most well-known platforms for streaming games. Considering that there are many ways to gain revenue, you can make a profit from this channel if you’re willing to.

However, the question is, will it bring you enough cash flow to replace a full-time job? What should you do to make this possible and will it be possible?

Why Are Streamers Streaming on a Streaming Channel?

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There are more than a million streamers nationwide, but why are they doing it?

For some, it’s because they can make a living out of it when they cannot get a decent job in the real world. Others just want to interact with people live.

That said, Ray Narvaez, a Twitch streamer called BrownMan left his full-time job for streaming. It’s not that he cannot perform well in his job. He stated that it is just great to interact with viewers worldwide.

It’s Not Always Successful

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However, don’t expect streaming to be that easy. There are many times that you won’t be getting profit as the money fluctuates daily. Sure, there’s no limit to the profit of streaming, but you’re not guaranteed to receive the same money always.

How Do You Make Money with Gaming?

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There are many ways for streamers to earn money, one is subscriptions. Although it is free to watch these players, you can still pay a five-dollar fee to subscribe. But why?

This is because you will have access to extra perks. However, it isn’t that easy either. Twitch will only pay you for the content you provide if you reach a certain number of average monthly views and also followers.

Although there are many more ways, the key to a profitable career in gaming is making use of all ways to get revenue.

Keep in Mind

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Streaming won’t provide you with a ton of money just by playing video games all day. You should be an entertainer and not just a gamer. People pay for your personality, not the game. In fact, some streamers are not playing that often but still have a large following.

Speaking of following, you should build up a small fanbase and a source of income first before streaming. If you have hundreds of people who know you, the following of your channel will skyrocket.

You should also let people know that you’re not there for the money because people can catch onto that very quickly. Once they do, say goodbye to your gaming career.

Nothing beats playing while making a living. Yes, it’s not easy to accomplish, but the end result is all worth it. Interacting with your viewers can be satisfying. Just make sure you don’t make it all about yourself. It’s your viewers who pay for your expenses, after all.