Take a Look at the Top Gaming Trends in 2019

Developers and gamers alike are so eager to give their opinions on the trends of the year. They have shared their opinions on how great a year 2018 was for the gaming industry.

That said, it’s already an established fact that the gaming industry is booming. Things such as virtual reality gaming created a hype for gamers.

But now that 2018 has passed and it’s now a new year, what are your expectations? But before you give your answers to that, here’s a look at the gaming trends in 2019.

Mobile Games

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For the last couple of years, mobile usage has been growing and there is no stopping it. It took the whole gaming industry by storm.

As a matter of fact, the revenue of mobile gaming has surpassed McDonald’s revenue and worldwide box office revenue.

As a result, developers are getting more and more eager to create apps. So, expect many games to come out this year.

Old Classics

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The glory days of the old classic games are already gone, but how true is this statement?

To be honest, old classics are getting more and more popular nowadays. This is no surprise considering that many talented developers are stepping up and remastering old games.


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Okay, what does this have to do with gaming?

Well, there is plenty! Blockchain is booming in the gaming industry as a currency for alternative forms of payment.

As you probably already heard, blockchain is secure and safe. That’s why gaming companies are using it as a payment method for in-game purchases.

Augmented Reality

man using virtual reality headset doing an action - Take a Look at the Top Gaming Trends in 2019

Although the virtual reality gaming hype will stay longer in the gaming industry, so is the augmented reality gaming.

While VR gaming can be exciting and “new” to everyone, there’s no denying that AR also offers the same excitement and enjoyment for players.

Battle Royale

You should already know about this as a gamer. There have been many games out there in the Battle Royale genre.

Due to the popularity and competitive gaming, it’s a lot more exciting than any other gaming genre.

So, what are your expectations in the gaming industry now? We believe 2019 will be a wonderful year for both gamers and developers, even better than in 2018.